A letter to Connecticut Democratic lawmakers shared by Town Chair, David Dwyer…

November 19, 2015

Dear Elected Official,

We, as Democratic Town Committee Chairs in the 12th District, are writing you to express our deep concern with the proposed cuts to the Citizen’s Election Fund (“CEF”). Clean elections and getting large donations out of elections have been a guiding principle of the Democratic Party. Connecticut has been a leader in this fight.

The CEF makes our electoral process one that is more accessible to candidates that may not have hefty resources to fund campaigns. The CEF allows for citizens to participate in the process without worrying about large dollar fundraisers to build campaign war chests. We cannot afford to take a hasty misstep and move backwards on this critical issue.

Since Citizen’s United, the CEF has become even more important. Since the departure of former Governor Rowland, Connecticut has set the standard for clean election laws.

As Town Chairs, we represent the Democratic Party in our towns. We are the Party’s supporters. We are its activists. If we betray our principles on this issue, we have already lost.

We strongly urge all of you to work to maintain the high standards of our campaign financing system. You can do that by not allowing these cuts to go forward.


Stephen Anderson
Town Chair Killingworth

Walter Corbiere
Town Chair Guilford

David Dwyer
Town Chair Madison

Dede Levy
Town Chair Durham

Dave Palumbo
Town Chair North Branford

Chris Sullivan
Town Chair Branford