It is critical that voters turn out this Tuesday, May 14th, to support this year’s budget for our public schools! The Board of Education has proposed what is basically a flat budget – one that is necessary to protect and maintain the high quality educational services we offer to our students. This budget includes significant cost savings from the closure of Island Avenue and continued staff reductions due to declining enrollment. However, these substantial cost savings are offset by fixed cost increases due to contractual obligations with employees

photo of signs made by kids in support of the school budget in Madison, CTKey facts about the budget include:

  • Proposes a $58 million budget, -0.10% below the previous fiscal year. Over the past three years, the school budget has increased an average of 2.58% each year.
  • Incorporates $885,698 of reduced expenses from the closure of Island and $124,620 in savings from staff reductions. The District continues to follow its policy of reducing one staff member for each drop in enrollment of 20 students.
  • Includes rising fixed costs, contractual salary obligations, and rising healthcare costs. These unfortunately offset most cost savings from the school closure.
  • Reflects an overall decrease in spending for external education, school facilities, and debt service.

We need to support this budget in order to maintain an exceptional education experience for our kids. For more details on the school budget, please visit the Board of Education Website.