Join the Biden Volunteer Team!

If you’re ready to help vote Trump out of office, join this virtual volunteer team by emailing Andrea Aron, the Biden Team leader in Madison. It is imperative to our democracy that we ensure Trump does not return for a 2nd term.  Help us elect Joe Biden and his VP running mate Kamala Harris!

Join the Cohen Volunteer Team!

If you’re ready to support the hardest working state senator in Connecticut, then visit https://www.senatorcohen.com/ and join the volunteer ranks!  Let her know that you “are with Christine!”


Join the JMP4CT Volunteer Team!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, please visit www.jmp4ct.com to volunteer on his campaign — or to connect with John-Michael! Help him become our next State Representative for the 101st District representing the towns of Madison and Durham.




Support Joe Courtney’s Campaign!

Our U.S. Representative Joe Courtney is not taking anything for granted in his bid for re-election as he works to earn the support of every town for Democrats from the top of the ticket down. Link here to VOLUNTEER or make a DONATION.