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Kathleen Akgün
Andrea Aron, Secretary
Mark Aron
Jim Ball
Jason Brown
Greg DeSantis
Rich Gilbert
Susan Glantz
Al Goldberg
Pamela Greene, Vice Chair
Seonaid Hay
Judith Hession
Paul Kessinger, Treasurer
Seth Klaskin
Francine Larson
Maureen Lewis
Tom Lonsdale
Peggy Lyons
Giselle McDowall
Ned Moore
Scott Murphy
Matt Parthasarthy
John-Michael Parker
Ann Rumberger
Jonathan Stein
Katie Stein
Shirley Taylor
Joan Walker, Chair
Robert Xeller

Rick Bungiro
Anne Foley
Andrea Hopkins
Elizabeth (Beth) Lazor
Emily Rosenthal
Marilyn Shaw

Christine Bouchard
Nils Gyllensten
Annie Murray
Tom Pelligrino
Virginia and Ted Raff
Karen Redlich
Megan Sesma



“To represent the Democratic Party in Madison by working to elect and/or appoint the best people to public office at the local, state and national levels, and to promote public programs and policies in line with our Democratic values.”

Who are the Madison Democrats?
We are Madison residents who believe that our party’s values have relevance to the quality of life for our town and that, as Democrats, we need to help shape the local agenda. Inclusiveness, equality, transparency in government, health care for all, respect for the environment — these are traditional Democratic values that are now under attack nationally and that many of us are fighting to preserve.  We recognize that, in many ways, all politics are local and that we must build the society and world we want from the ground up.

 What do the Madison Democrats stand for locally?

  • Promoting inclusive, open, and accountable town government.
  • Championing our schools, including funding adequate annual budgets and investing in the modernization of our facilities to serve students and the community long term.
  • Protecting and enriching our environment and natural assets, including investing in our beach and recreational facilities.
  • Supporting our senior residents, including the implementation of a senior property tax freeze and other programs that make us a diverse, multi-generational community.
  • Expanding and enhancing our community resources, such as the Scranton Library, and supporting arts and culture for everyone.
  • Encouraging and advocating for responsible economic development that reduces our reliance on residential property taxes.

Why should I get involved with the Madison Democrats?
While state and national policy and politics may get all the attention, it is local-level policy that impacts you and your family most directly, each and every day. Local government – from crime prevention and emergency services, to maintaining roads and athletic fields, to managing our schools – can significantly impact your quality of life and the value of your home. Beyond voting in state and local elections, involvement with the Madison Democrats is a great way to have a say in how our town is governed while also contributing to our community’s vitality.  And joining us connects you with many of your neighbors who share your interests and passions.  We provide a way to reach out to and mobilize voters about the issues you care about.

What is the Madison Democratic Town Committee (MDTC)?
A town committee is a grassroots organization that represents its party at the municipal level in Connecticut.  MDTC is the organizational home of the Madison Democrats and is the local affiliate of the Connecticut Democratic State Party.  Like other town committees in our state, MDTC has its own bylaws but also must follow state election laws and state party rules.  There are 30 elected voting members, as well as 10 non-voting associate members, and an unlimited number of volunteers who can work side by side with MDTC members to advocate important local issues.

What does MDTC do?
MDTC is the voice of Madison Democrats on critical issues, driving change through passion and action.  MDTC engages voters on critical issues and advocates for policies that enhance the quality of life in Madison. From hosting hot topic discussions, to writing letters to the editor, MDTC members champion progress and change consistent with Democratic values. We join and build coalitions with other stakeholders to ensure that Madison gets what it needs and deserves, like strong schools and senior-friendly tax policies.    We helped rally the community around the acquisition of Griswold Airport and the renovation and expansion of Scranton Memorial Library.

Another important job of MDTC is to identify, nominate and work to elect the best possible Democratic candidates for municipal, state and even national office.  On the local level, this includes the Madison Boards of Selectmen, Finance and Education. Our town also has 30 different appointed boards, commissions and committees that oversee a range of community services and assets.  It is MDTC’s job to recruit and nominate individuals to volunteer for these positions on a year-round basis.

Who are the members of MDTC?
Getting elected to MDTC is an open process, and any registered Madison Democrat is eligible to become a member. Elections are held every two years in February, and all registered Democrats in Madison can vote.  Seats often become available between elections so you can contact MDTC at any time about joining or serving in elected or appointed positions in town government.  And any Madison resident is welcome to volunteer alongside MDTC members.

Where and how often does MDTC meet?
MDTC meetings are open to the public and are held the second Monday of each month in the evening at Town Campus. You can check the calendar on the Town of Madison website for details on time and location.  Meetings are informal.  Anyone may attend and speak. If you can’t make a meeting, check out our website, follow us on Facebook and twitter, or send us an email.

How do I get involved with the Madison Democrats and local level issues?
It is easy, and there are lots of options.  You can serve on a town board or commission. You can work on a campaign. You can come to any MDTC meeting.  You can join MDTC as a member. You can volunteer in many different ways and help us create a focus on something new that is important to you and your neighbors.

This is your political party. Get involved today!

Upcoming Events

11:30 am Lunch with Lyons @ The Surf Club Picnic Area
Lunch with Lyons @ The Surf Club Picnic Area
Sep 21 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Lunch with Lyons @ The Surf Club Picnic Area | Madison | Connecticut | United States
  Peggy Lyons, Democratic candidate for First Selectman, will be hanging out at the Surf Club to hear questions and concerns from busy parents, grand parents and friends shuttling between games/practices. We will provide the[...]
10:30 am 2019 Ella T. Grasso Women’s Lead... @ Aqua Turf Club
2019 Ella T. Grasso Women’s Lead... @ Aqua Turf Club
Sep 22 @ 10:30 am
2019 Ella T. Grasso Women's Leadership Brunch @ Aqua Turf Club | Southington | Connecticut | United States
  The 2019 Women’s Leadership Brunch is almost here! On Sunday, September 22nd at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, we will be honoring Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, welcoming the First Lady of[...]
4:00 pm Meet the Candidates 2019 Fundraiser @ Camp Laurelwood
Meet the Candidates 2019 Fundraiser @ Camp Laurelwood
Sep 22 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Meet the Candidates 2019 Fundraiser @ Camp Laurelwood | Madison | Connecticut | United States

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Joan Walker
MDTC Chair

Pamela Greene
MDTC Vice Chair

Paul Kessinger
MDTC Treasurer

Andrea Aron
MDTC Secretary

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