candidate photo of Peter Barrett for probate judge in Madison and GuilfordServing as Probate Judge is the honor of a lifetime. It is an interesting, challenging and rewarding position. It is a position in which I am able to serve the public and apply the 37 years of legal experience I have built practicing law and handling probate matters for people needing help. I am proud to say that the Madison-Guilford Probate Court is well known in this community for our efficient and courteous service to the public.
There are many different types of cases in our court; decedent and trust estates certainly, but also increasingly complex matters concerning conservatorship and the protection of the elderly, guardianship of intellectually disabled adults and difficult children’s matters. In overseeing these cases, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. I am often struck by how resilient we can be, as individuals and as a community, even in sad and trying personal times. And I’m also struck by the strong families in our community who are quietly providing great lives for some of our residents who are elderly, disabled, or young and vulnerable.

I would like to continue to do my part to assure that our probate laws are compassionately and appropriately applied and to help others. Frankly, to me, serving as Probate Judge is an opportunity to do good in this world on a very personal and local level. That’s why I know it’s a privilege to serve in this position and that’s why I would very much like to continue serving the Madison-Guilford District as our Probate Judge. And so I respectfully ask the wonderful residents of our district for your support and for your vote on Nov 6.

Judge Barrett’s Facebook Page is “Re-Elect Peter Barrett, Probate Judge”. He can be reached at your convenience by email at or by cell at (203) 494-5284.