Re-Election Announcement

Christine Cohen has officially filed paperwork to run for re-election as our State Senator for Connecticut's 12th District. In her announcement letter, Senator Cohen expressed what an honor it has been to serve the residents in the six towns she represents - Branford,...

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Government Study Committee

The Madison Board of Selectmen is taking applications for an Ad-Hoc Government Study Committee for the purpose of considering different forms of government permissible under state statute and making recommendations for possible changes to Madison's government...

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Island Avenue Committee

The Madison Board of Selectmen is taking applications for an Ad-Hoc Island Avenue Future Use Committee for the purpose of reviewing and recommending the fate of the former Island Avenue School building currently being leased and used as a school for Our Lady of Mercy...

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First Selectwoman Lyons

On November 12, 2019, Peggy Lyons became the second woman in Madison's history to be elected to the office of First Selectman, and the first woman Democrat to hold the office. She is the latest in a trend toward female leadership in Madison as she joins her...

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“Our Common Goals”

"Since announcing my candidacy for first selectman of Madison, I’ve had the honor to meet many wonderful people and listen to their history, suggestions, and concerns. Across the board, people recognize that Madison offers a complete package of opportunities at a fair...

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“Insight and Expectations”

"As this campaign season has progressed, I find myself coming back to one central question: What do we want from our elected officials? Over my 12 years of service to this town as a selectman and a first selectman, I have benefited from a great many discussions on...

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“At a Critical Point”

"Be authentic, fight for what you believe in, and focus on solving town challenges: This has been my personal motto and my promise to residents as selectman for the past three years. I’m seeking re-election this Nov. 5 so I can continue to represent residents’...

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“An Ideal Background”

"I am writing to ask your readers to elect me to the Madison Board of Finance (BOF). My extensive public service record and state management experience comprise an ideal background for effective service on the BOF. I served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for three...

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See Recordings of the Debates

The Madison Parent Representative Council (PRC) and the League of Women Voters (LWV) hosted a debate on Thursday, October 24th at the Polson Middle School for Madison candidates in the 2019 municipal elections for First Selectman and Board of Finance.

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“Can Rebuild That Trust”

"I hear a recurring theme in my discussions with the community that people are mystified by decisions being made by town government, and often confused by the motivations behind them. The perception is that everything happens in a vacuum, with little transparency, and...

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“An Ethics Commission”

"Madison is experiencing a time of uniquely consequential and complex local issues. This occurs against a national backdrop of murky ethical, moral, and legal maneuvering. The resulting mistrust may have already spilled into our local dialogue as well. The citizens of...

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“A New Mindset”

"I often hear from citizens that nothing gets accomplished in Madison. High-profile projects like our school buildings, Academy, or the Downtown Center Project remain incomplete. We have a long list of other projects on the “to-do” list carried over from multiple...

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“Listen to the Public”

"Prior to its closing in 2004, The Academy Street School had been a proud symbol of Madison’s educational and cultural heritage. Now it stands as a stark reminder of ineffective leadership. Three years ago, an initiative from Shoreline Arts Alliance to create a...

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“Collaboration & Compromise”

"Looking at Madison’s fiscal challenges, it’s vitally important that we make decisions based on sound economic principles. As both a businessman and Board of Finance candidate, understanding the impact of demographics is critical. Madison remains a sizable shoreline...

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“Can Get Things Done”

"Recently I’ve been seeking public opinion (not scientific) on social media, trying to get a better sense of constituent interests and priorities. The responses suggest we are much more like-minded than we realize. This leads me to the following question: What if we...

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