Dear Friends,

As you may know, both CT Statute and the CT Constitution have restrictive language regarding the circumstances under which a person may vote by absentee ballot rather than in person at the election polls. In order to ensure the safety of our citizens for the upcoming November election during this pandemic, all registered voters should be allowed to vote by absentee ballot. In fact, our Secretary of the State, Denise Merrill wants to mail absentee ballot applications to all registered voters. In order for this to happen, the CT General Assembly needs to pass new legislation altering the current statute.

Our State Representative, Noreen Kokoruda, is not yet convinced, and needs to hear from us, her constituents, in order to be persuaded. If you agree that this issue is important, please take a moment to write to her either by email or by postcard. Her email addresses are:

The post office sells pre-stamped blank postcards. Her mailing address is: Representative Kokoruda, 85 Liberty Street, Madison, CT 06443-3258

A large coalition of non-profit advocacy groups (including the League of Women Voters), activist groups (including Indivisible), and DTCs across the State are sending post cards to CT legislators. The text can be a simple as:

Dear Rep. Kokoruda,
Don’t make us choose between health and voting. Please set a CGA date ASAP to pass a bill allowing absentee ballot voting FOR ALL in the November 2020 General Election!
Your Signature

If you would like to send a longer email, please find more talking points in the Letter and Resolution recently sent to our legislative leaders from the Madison DTC. The Resolution was passed unanimously at the last MDTC meeting.

Thank you for helping to keep us safe while exercising our right to vote.

Please stay safe,
Joan Walker
Chair MDTC