“As this campaign season has progressed, I find myself coming back to one central question: What do we want from our elected officials? Over my 12 years of service to this town as a selectman and a first selectman, I have benefited from a great many discussions on this topic with Madison citizens, and they have provided me with the following insight and expectations:

We expect a municipal government that strives to enhance Madison, where elevating the quality of life for all residents is an enduring goal, where civic engagement is encouraged and welcomed, where advocacy groups are respected, and where our hopes and dreams are enthusiastically embraced.

We expect a municipal government that takes decisive action and attempts to find ways to move forward, even on the most difficult issues; listens to all viewpoints; genuinely believes in building consensus; and accepts compromise as a valid means of accommodating different views.

We expect a municipal government that presents balanced proposals; that seeks to understand the value of proposals, not just their costs; to balance values with value; that seeks to faithfully and fully communicate to the public; and that defines a decision-making process in advance.

We expect a municipal government in which elected leaders engage us and that is guided by leaders who believe in the wisdom of the Town Charter and the wisdom of the voters and who are both enthusiastic and pragmatic.

In order to ensure that residents’ expectations are met as we move forward to embrace our future, I hope your readers will join with me in voting for Peggy Lyons, Scott Murphy, Al Goldberg, and the whole team of candidates on Row A.”

Selectman Al Goldberg (D)
Al Goldberg is seeking re-election in November.

Published October 30, 2019 at https://www.zip06.com/letters/20191030/insight-and-expectations.