• In this election, there are 3 contested races: First Selectman, Board of Selectman, and Board of Finance.
  • We need ALL Democrats to vote this November.
  • The slate represents leadership that will listen to all constituents and stakeholders to strategically plan for the future.


Al Goldberg, Peggy Lyons (First Selectman), and Scott Murphy

Our slate for the Board of Selectmen represents leadership that will:

  • Listen to your ideas to ensure that future plans are in line with the town’s expectations.
  • Communicate more to you about ideas and progress – no more back room deals.
  • Create an integrated plan: oversee the development of a real Strategic Plan and guarantee that it is a clear and collaborative process.
  • Invest in Madison’s schools and beaches so that both young families and senior citizens will want to move here and stay here, and ensure that our beaches are safe for everyone.
  • Create real, meaningful economic development that fits within our identity as a traditional New England, seaside town – one that treasures open spaces, protects our coastal beauty, and honors our past.
  • Repurpose Academy School after 14 years of neglect by letting the public have its say in a fair vote.
  • Develop a plan for Island School and other under-utilized or forgotten assets so we can avoid the mistakes of the past.
  • Prepare our coastline for climate change and rising sea levels by planning for it rather than ignoring it.
  • Maintain our strong value proposition to taxpayers by spending our tax dollars responsibly and wisely to invest in our future rather than avoiding costs by kicking the can down the road.


John Picard, Seth Klaskin, and Kevin Kranzler

Our slate for the Board of Finance represents leadership that will:

  • Take a non-partisan approach to all budgets and work with all stakeholders to maintain and ensure Madison’s strong financial health.
  • Guarantee all referendums regarding Town and School facilities are conveyed with enough detail to educate the public.
  • Operate to understand the financial needs of all departments in an objective and respectful manner.
  • Limit special appropriations, and other spending requests, which go outside normal budgetary processes
  • Participate in the development of an actionable Strategic Plan to uphold Madison’s strong taxpayer value proposition.
  • Work with the Board of Selectmen, in a bipartisan approach, to review and update all public/private relationships to ensure clarity of vision and purpose.
  • Proactively work with the Board of Selectmen to research all opportunities for savings via regionalization of services.
  • Work with the Board of Selectmen to aggressively research all grants and other revenue generating opportunities.


Katie Stein and Catherine Miller

Our slate for the Board of Education represents leadership that will:

  • Advocate for Madison’s children and their families.
  • Commit to a Board of Education agenda that provides a student-focused culture which motivates, challenges, and supports every student to reach his or her highest level of achievement.
  • Place the education and welfare of our students at the center of decision-making.
  • Hold high expectations for the development and achievement of every student.
  • Respect and nurture the partnership between school, home and community members.
  • Be fiscally responsible in budgeting the annual operating budgets and long term capital budgets.
  • Ensure that a schools renewal plan recommended by the Tri-Board Working Group and adopted by the Board of Education is communicated effectively to the tax payers of Madison so that they are educated prior to any referendum.