Dear Madison Democrats,

The election is only 4 weeks away and it has evolved into a battleground for the soul of our country and our state. Here in Connecticut there is a real risk we could lose control of the Governor’s mansion and legislature to politicians that refuse to stand up to the intolerable policies of the Trump administration, and fail to speak out for basic American values such as equality, decency and compassion. We must elect people to Hartford and Washington who will fight for our nation’s institutions, while also tackling our state’s fiscal problems head-on with realistic, fair-minded policies. Your town, state and nation need you!

But don’t despair! Our local Democratic candidates, State Senate Candidate Christine Cohen and State Representative Candidate John-Michael Parker, both offer an uplifting message of hope for change in Connecticut’s future. These candidates, along with the entire Democratic ticket, provide a real chance to solve the state’s fiscal crisis with a realistic, balanced approach rather than draconian policies. Their victory will usher in a new generation of leadership to Hartford that is rooted in pragmatic, compassionate problem-solving, rather than fear-mongering.

Join me in helping Christine and John-Michael get elected! There are many ways you can help us achieve victory on November 6th:

  • VOTE ROW A on November 6th and get your friends and neighbors to vote ROW A too! If you are going out of town or have children in college, absentee ballots are now available! Link to the Madison Town Clerk’s office for more information, or contact us and we will get you what you need.
  • VOLUNTEER for our local campaigns. During these last 4 weeks we need MORE people to door-knock, phone bank, postcard, and help with Get Out the Vote efforts leading up to election day. You can sign-up to volunteer on our MDTC website or email the MDTC!
  • JOIN US at our monthly meetings and events to learn more about your local party! Our next meeting will be on Monday, October 15th at 7 p.m. at our Democratic Headquarters, 120 Bradley Road.
  • DONATE to the Madison Democratic Town Committee to help fund activities that get our candidates elected!Hope to see you at Madison Democratic Headquarters and at the polls on November 6th!Peggy Lyons
    MDTC Chair