State Comptroller Kevin Lembo has been working with the Legislative Chairs of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, Senator Matt Lesser and Representative Sean Scanlon, in an exciting effort to lower health care costs for small businesses and individuals by using the purchasing power of the state. (See SB 134 and HB 7267.) Similar bills also passed out of the Labor and Public Employee and Human Services Committees, and have dozens of legislative cosponsors. These bills put Democrats clearly on the side of small businesses and our families.

The Madison Democratic Town Committee demonstrated our support for this effort by passing the “Fairness for Small Businesses Resolution” at their regular monthly meeting on May 13, 2019.  The text of this resolution reads:



A Resolution in Support of Providing Quality Affordable Health Care for Small Businesses and their Workforce


Be it resolved that the Madison Democratic Town Committee hereby demands that Connecticut provide better quality health care options for small businesses and their employees at no cost to taxpayers.


Small businesses are sick and tired of being unable to find or retain skilled workers, being unable to compete with giant corporate benefit packages, facing double-digit increases in costs for overly complex gimmicky health care coverage, having to choose between offering no coverage to workers or else face unpredictable and unstable health care costs or paying outrageous costs for nothing – for high-deductible plans where employees rarely see even $1 worth of benefit. Small businesses want more affordable benefits to entice quality employees, to access reliable and affordable health care, to benefit from a healthy and productive workforce, and to obtain the same access to quality affordable care that others get.


Be it resolved that the Madison Democratic Town Committee urges our state legislative delegation to pass House Bill 7267, An Act Concerning Public Options for Health Care that will allow the state to leverage its negotiating power to provide dependable health plans tailor made for small businesses and their workforce.

It is imperative that we show the commitment of Democrats across the state to lower health care costs for small business and individuals. In addition, hundreds of supporters from small businesses and non-profit groups are signing on to support the effort. A pledge to endorse this can be found herePlease lend your support!

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