I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Peggy Lyons for her unwavering leadership in the face of this pandemic. To say that Peggy started her term with tremendous challenges that the Town faced is an understatement. Then came COVID19, something no one could have trained for. It brings out the best and worst in people. For Peggy her best has shown through. She is a reasoned, calming and straight forward presence as First Selectwoman. She has put Town above politics and safety above all else which is the definition of leadership. I am so glad that Peggy is at the helm of Madison.

I also want to thank Al Goldberg and Scott Murphy, as the remaining democratic members of the Board of Selectmen. Al has shown once again his steady and pragmatic approach to governance, reflected in his thoughtful comments during Board of Selectmen meetings. Scott is out there on social media sharing the good that our Town is doing and asking positive thought-provoking questions. They are bringing our Town together rather than trying to split it apart.

What can I say about Katie Stein? She is on the front lines of this fight against the pandemic at YNNH. Each day she goes into the belly of beast and returns each night trying to keep a sense of normalcy. She then extends herself even more by continuing to be a positive guiding light as Chair of the Board of Education. Her passion, experience and perspective are leadership qualities that serve our Town well.

The remaining Board of Education members, Emily Rosenthal, Greg DeSantis, Tom Pelligrino and Cathy Miller are doing tremendous work by not only doing the day in and day out work of the Board but also taking on the role as members of the search committee for a new Superintendent. This will be one of the most critical decisions for the future of our Town and they are up for the challenge!

Jude Friedman Hession and John Picard are holding strong to democratic values as minority members of the Board of Finance. They bring a balanced approach to the financial issues that Madison faces. Their voices are a strong reminder that we must compromise and work together to ensure the financial health of Madison.

I know it easy to go down the black hole of depressing news or misinformation during this pandemic. Let’s not forget these wonderful public servants that are doing a great job for our town. You can support them by attending live stream meetings, you can email them with support, you can post on Facebook your support but most importantly you can recognize the hard work that they are doing by staying positive, staying healthy and staying home.

With your support we can do this together,

Joan Walker
Chair MDTC