The Madison Democratic Town Committee is pleased to announce its slate of candidates for the 2019 Madison municipal elections. Candidates were endorsed at a special meeting on Thursday, July 18th held at the American Legion Hall in Madison, CT.

Heading the ticket will be Peggy Lyons who is running for First Selectman. Peggy was greeted with a standing ovation as the endorsement vote was completed. “I am honored to accept the nomination for the Democratic Candidate for First Selectman. I am also honored to be sharing the ticket with such a great, highly qualified group of people. Our town is lucky to have such a deep bench of talent that is willing to serve our community in such a meaningful way.” She continued, “We deserve leadership that offers us a vision for our future, develops a roadmap on how to get there, and that brings us back to an era where collaboration and co-operation, regardless of party, helps us solve our problems and moves us forward. The Democratic slate in 2019 will deliver that leadership to the people of Madison.”

Joining Peggy will be Al Goldberg who brings a wealth of experience to the Democratic ticket and has been endorsed to run for a seventh term of service to the Town of Madison, including Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance. Goldberg will be joined by Scott Murphy who is running for his second full term. Together they have worked to hold First Selectman Tom Banisch accountable by upholding Madison’s Town Charter and advocating for transparency in the management of day-to-day workings in our Town government.

Kevin Kranzler has been endorsed to run for the Board of Finance (BOF). This will be his first time running since his appointment to the BOF as a replacement for Jason Ulstad. Joining Kevin as a candidate for BOF is Seth Klaskin who has served 3 terms on the Board of Education (BOE), and John Picard who serves on the board of Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) Prep. All three of these candidates bring a unique perspective to fiscal responsibility and strategic planning. These will be key strengths in this upcoming term.

Katie Stein has been endorsed for a second term on the Board of Education (BOE) after assuming the role of BOE Chair in her first term. Katie has significantly increased accountability within the BOE by establishing the BOE Communications Committee and the BOE Facilities Committee, and was instrumental in developing the Tri-Board Facilities working group. She will be running with Cathy Miller who is new to politics but not new to education. Cathy is a Literacy Specialist, Reading Consultant, and Certified Reading Recovery Teacher in the Branford Public Schools.

The Democratic slate is rounded out by endorsed candidates for the Zoning Board of Appeals, Ned Moore, and the Board of Assessment Appeals, Melanie Clark.

Democratic Town Committee Chair, Joan Walker, expressed her pleasure with this slate. “I am very excited to have such a strong slate of candidates for the 2019 election who offer a real choice to the voters of Madison. Our Democratic slate will bring real leadership to our town in order to start seriously addressing and solving complex problems that impact our quality of life. They understand the need for good communications, thoughtful process and resolutions that meet the needs of the entire Town. Madison can and must do better.”