Academy School Madison CT

For the past week Great Blue Research has been conducting a random, representative telephone survey of 400 Madison residents to help determine their preferred path for the future of Academy Street School

An online survey is now available asking the same questions as the telephone poll. It will run for two weeks and currently has a maximum response capacity of 2,000. LINK HERE TO THE ONLINE SURVEY.

The survey covers a wide variety of proposals for private development or public use of the property presented by the Ad Hoc Academy Building Guidance Committee after a long and intensive public process. There are four proposals for sale or lease of the property ranging from affordable apartments to high-end condominiums. Options for continued Town ownership range from demolition and creation of a park to adaptive reuse of the building as a Community Center or town offices.

More information on each option, and a presentation summarizing all of them are available here:

While the telephone survey will provide guidance on the general direction residents see for the future of Academy School, the online survey will be useful in measuring the intensity of interest in individual proposals. So if you have not been selected for the telephone survey, the online survey is an important way for you to express your opinion on this important issue. We urge you to participate.