On April 4 the Board of Education (BOE) discussed three potential options for the School Facility Plan.  The presentation laying out these options can be found at https://www.madison.k12.ct.us.  Here is a quick synopsis:


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
$27-29M* in Bonding for New Ryerson in 2017, 10 years of capital projects at Jeffrey $49 – 55M* in Bonding for both New Ryerson and Renovated Jeffrey in 2017 $55 – $59M** in Bonding for Ryerson in 2017, Bonding for Jeffrey earliest 2019
No longer under serious consideration due to insufficient Board of Education and community support. The most fiscally responsible plan that serves both our kids and our community in the long run! Greater uncertainty for families and taxpayers! No guarantees as to when, or if, the second bonding proposal will make it to the voters, and the Town loses money from the state – costing the taxpayer more!

*All bonding estimates exclude potential $3 million in proceeds from the sale of Island.
**Very rough estimate for Jeffrey renovations. Future state reimbursement rates after 2017 and possible changes in construction costs are unknown.

We strongly urge all taxpayers to support Option 2, the most fiscally responsible! Show your support by sending an email to each of the nine Board members before they vote on April 18!

cawleyg@madison.k12.ct.usbowlerj@madison.k12.ct.us, deanj@madison.k12.ct.us, fitzgeraldj@madison.k12.ct.us, keatinga@madison.k12.ct.us, kellerm@madison.k12.ct.us, klaskins@madison.k12.ct.us, marinoh@madison.k12.ct.us, steink@madison.k12.ct.us

Benefits of Option 2

  • Maximizes the value of our school buildings NOW for property owners, parents and students alike. There is a direct link between home values and the quality of our schools!
  • Fully leverages current state reimbursement programs – Connecticut will pay for an estimated $8 – $14 million of the plan. Delaying projects risks losing some or all of these dollars!
  • Provides a fair and equitable educational environment for all of our elementary school students – The Town commits to completing both the Jeffrey remodeling and the Ryerson rebuild NOW!
  • Ensures project completion within a reasonable amount of time so that kids are not living through years and years of disruptive construction projects – Timeline targets both elementary school projects done within three years!
  • Provides transparency to taxpayers by laying out a short and well-defined project scope while minimizing uncertainty on future project costs and funding plans!
  • Most cost effective option to minimize the impact on the taxpayer in the long run – taps current state reimbursement programs, leverages economies of scale for construction costs, consolidates bonding plans to align funding needs, and locks in lower interest rates!

Approval Process

The Board of Education will vote to choose one final option on April 18.  The Board of Selectman will vote on whether to pass this plan on to the Board of Finance. If it passes the Board of Selectman, the Board of Finance will decide whether or not to send it to the townspeople for a vote.  If it passes all three Boards, then the Town will hold a referendum on the option in the fall.

You are also encouraged to write to the members of the Board of Selectman and Board of Finance. Their email addresses are available at http://www.madisonct.org/158/Boards-Commissions.

The Board of Education has an obligation to choose the best plan for the kids! Please let your voice be heard before April 18!