Join us this Tuesday, April 4th at 7:30 at Town Campus to listen to the Board of Education discuss the options for the School Facility Plan and give your views!  The decision that the Board of Education will make over the next few weeks will drive possible school configurations and determine any new building and/or remodeling plans for the foreseeable future.  These decisions will have a major impact on young kids enrolling in the elementary schools for the next ten years.

Madison schools are aging and need significant investment in order to provide a modern, high quality educational experience for our children.  The Board of Education needs to choose a plan that not only fixes the buildings but also prepares us for the future.  Rather than focusing on a smaller, cheaper option, the Board should focus on the most fiscally responsible plan that serves both our kids and our community in the long run.

An acceptable plan to send to the voters should:

  • Maximize the value of our school buildings for property owners, parents and students alike.  There is a direct link between home values and the quality of our schools!
  • Fully leverage current state reimbursements programs –  let the state of Connecticut pay for part of the plan before the money goes away!
  • Provide a fair and equitable educational environment for all of our elementary school students  – rather than just a smaller population of kids!
  • Be completed within a reasonable amount of time so that kids are not living through years and years of disruptive construction projects.
  • Be transparent so that taxpayers and families will know how much projects cost, when they will be paid for, and when they will be completed.
  • Be cost effective to minimize the impact on the taxpayer  – tapping current state reimbursement programs, leveraging economies of scale for construction costs, streamlining bonding plans to align funding needs, and locking in lower interest rates.

If you cannot attend the April 4 meeting, you can still make your voice be heard by contacting members of the Board of Education before they vote on April 18. Contact information can be found at this LINK TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS WEBPAGE.