Chair Peggy Lyons Photo

MDTC Chair Peggy Lyons

The municipal election is only a week away and your vote is critically important! The people of Madison deserve the best, most qualified candidates for our Town Government, and we’ve got them! Yet, only about one third of Madison Democrats participate in municipal elections. We need you to turn out this year for our local candidates the way you did for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and, more recently, Scranton Library.

Our slate represents an exciting group of new faces to Madison politics as well as a depth of experience – offering the people of Madison a real choice for shared government. For many years, the Republicans have controlled all three elected Boards that govern our town. Often times, critical policy decisions are being made by a small group of people rather than by working collaboratively with others and in a transparent way.

We have a real opportunity to change that on the Board of Education. Electing our Board of Education candidates – Alison Keating, Emily Rosenthal, and Matt Parthasarthy – will usher in new leadership to the Board by giving Democrats a majority. Madison needs more Democratic Board members who champion our schools, who prioritize progress for our aging buildings, who foster a culture that works closely with the community, and who ensure the highest value to Madison taxpayers for investment in our schools. When voting for the Board of Education, remember it’s the top vote getters that win seats. You do not have to pick 5 people on the ballot – only vote for the candidates you support. Your ballot will still be valid!

We are also seeking to change things up on the Board of Finance! Electing our candidate – Judith Hession Friedman – will balance the Finance Board evenly between the two major parties – encouraging members to work collaboratively, and providing a strong check on the actions of the First Selectman and other boards and commissions. And by voting for Green candidate Owen Charles, a former Democrat and Board of Finance member who has pledged to caucus with the Democrats, there is an opportunity to create a truly new dynamic, putting the Democrats in a leadership position. Similar to the Board of Ed, you do not have to pick three candidates for Board of Finance – you can choose to vote for only two candidates and your ballot will still be valid.

Our Board of Selectman candidates – Al Goldberg and Scott Murphy – have already proven that strong and active voices in Town government can ensure that the will of the people gets done. Both have been tireless advocates for fairness, open communication, and transparency in our government. Their re-election keeps the pressure on – making the current administration keep promises – and forcing Town government to operate in an open way. And your ballot is still valid without a vote for the First Selectman’s office. Let’s send a message!

And finally, our Zoning Board of Appeals candidates – Jason Brown and Richard Gilbert, along with Shirley Taylor on the Board of Assessment Appeals – will provide a real voice for the people on Boards that rarely get attention by the electorate, but can directly impact citizens daily in a critical way.

We Democrats are fighting for a Town government that is inclusive and working for ALL of Madison. Let’s change the dynamic of Town government and elect the best people to get the job done!

Peggy Lyons, MDTC Chair