CT Democratic Party imageLooking for ways to be effective at the local level?  The Connecticut Democratic Party has initiated a program for “Democratic Community Captains” working at the grassroots.  Each week, the State party sends out new actions items.  Here are action items for this week….

Action 1: Introducing our Resistance Summer Organizers
We’re pleased to announce two new staff members here at CDP HQ: Hilary Grant and Nancy Spagnolo. As Resistance Summer Organizers, they’re reaching out to activists like you to build those communications networks we need to effectively stand up to Donald Trump and his local allies.

You may have already received a call or email from Nancy or Hilary. If so, please respond! We are working hard to build the grassroots network we need to take Connecticut from purple into solid blue territory. Let us know what you are doing, what groups you’re involved with, and, most importantly, where you think the Community Captains program should go. This is your party, so let us hear your voice.

Hilary and Nancy can be reached by emailing organizer@ctdems.org or calling 860-560-1775, ext 1109.

Action 2: Action in the State Senate today.
Last week all the action was in DC on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Today it’s in our State Senate in Hartford, where they’re voting on the state employees labor concessions package to help close the state budget deficit. It’s important to remember that these concessions came out of the collective bargaining process that Democrats agree is a fundamental workers’ right. Democrats and state employees have worked hard and made concessions for the good of the state and its residents, while Republicans have trotted out the same hackneyed lines about unions they’ve been using for decades. Let’s be very clear – the Republican Party has no solution; they don’t care about actually managing our state’s finances. Republican leaders and their supporters just care about scoring a quick political point at the cost of hard working Connecticut families and building a sustainable budget that protects our values as Connecticut residents.

Here’s why this is the right deal for Connecticut:
• It saves Connecticut taxpayers $1.5 billion over two years, and $24 billion over the next decade.
• It maintains our commitment to the process of collective bargaining. While GOP-controlled states like Wisconsin attack working families, Connecticut is giving unionized workers a fair shot.
• The Republican alternative – to unilaterally gut public employee benefits legislatively – is likely illegal, would lead to costly litigation, and would not achieve promised savings.

After the conclusion of today’s Senate activity, we will be in touch with additional messaging guidance.

Action 3: Make calls for local elections!
This action item is going to be repeated every week until election day. Why? Because phone calls are the second most effective way to increase turnout; only knocking doors is more effective!  That’s why we’re holding phone banks in Hartford every Wednesday until election day to get out the vote in our local elections. If Hartford is too far to drive, set up your own phone bank — just gather some friends and fellow activists and make calls first, then cocktails. I am happy to work with anyone on getting call lists, whether on paper, on open Virtual Phone Bank, or even the predictive dialer.

Sign up here: http://action.ctdems.org/page/s/2017-phone-bank.

Action 4: Take on the GOP face-to-face
One event this week: “Meet the Doc” event with GOP gubernatorial candidate and State Rep Prasad Srinavasan:
• Tomato Joe’s Pizza, 103 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester
• TODAY, Monday, July 31, 6-7:30 pm

You can use these best practices with sample questions for attending these events, and it’s always helpful to record them and post those videos online.
Why is it so important to attend events like this? Because Republicans need to face their constituents and answer tough questions. We know, however, that it’s not easy to attend these events, especially with CT Republicans going to such great lengths to avoid attention. That’s why recording these events is also important — it helps show a wider audience just how extreme some CT Republicans are. Take a look at this video from a recent town hall with GOP State Rep Sampson (R-80): https://www.facebook.com/ctdemocrats/videos/1594275693916831/.

To become a Democratic Community Captain and receive regular “Weekly Action Items” emails, contact Jenn Thomas at field@ctdems.org.